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Lori Young Vintage Charm Restored Custom Painted Furniture Phoenix AZ

Hi, I’m Lori Young.  We just made the move to the Phoenix area from Texas and I have a passion for all things Vintage.  I offer custom painted furniture all over the Valley area, one piece at a time. Turning the old into something new and sometimes new into something that looks like it’s been aged to perfection.  But it’s more than paint around here.

I am a wife, mama to four, writer, blogger, worship leader, and a creative enthusiast. I am passionate about helping women discover how their talents and stories under full submission to Jesus can collide to their God Given Purpose.  I have a genuine love for encouraging women to embrace authenticity and love their real life, while equipping women to read, study and grow in God’s Word. I find Joy & Healing in writing, singing, and creating beauty in brokenness through my home and helping others to do the same. “Bringing New Life and Love to Your Old Furniture” through my love of painting on this blog, Vintage Charm Restored, into writing about her faith and love in a BIG God through stories of their adoption and real life struggles. I may have been restoring and re-purposing furniture, but all the while God was restoring and re-purposing those talents in the broken areas of my life. He has been mending and rewriting my story. He’s creating beauty and giving my story new life, so that I can share with you. I am Re-purposed in Him, I live to share the Love, Hope, Courage, and Strength I have found in the midst of broken places.


From the time I was very young, I had an appreciation for beautiful furniture, unique frames, linens, and dishes. Whether it was digging through treasures in the basement of my grandmother’s most beautifully decorated home or learning to thrift for treasures. I certainly began to appreciate the stories behind the pieces and the people.  Both of my grandmother’s had such a huge impact on me in totally different ways they’ll never get to see.

Keeping things in the family and in my home to use daily is such an important part of who I am today.  The sentimental value offsets any monetary gain and paint helped me LOVE those pieces even more.  I have been painting and paper crafting my whole life.  

I have an absolute desire to show my children the importance of using your gifts and talents to their fullest—–> Nothing goes to Waste!! I know God uses the most broken pieces of our lives to create beauty within us.  He doesn’t let a thing go to waste, if we allow him to work in and through us.  In sharing here our good and our trials, I want to give others the Hope and Love I have found in my own life.  God continues daily restoring me. I have found such blessings in using that to create beauty in the tattered, worn-out, unloved furniture people bring to me.  Love and paint go a long way!! I love the relationships built thru my love to bring new life to old tired pieces and my faith. It is so fun to continually amaze myself and clients with how a fresh coat of paint and beautiful finish can make a huge difference, allowing them to put their style and spin on a timeless piece.  Styles change but paint allows us to recycle in the most beautiful way. I am constantly in search of learning new techniques and staying on top of colors and trends to make sure that the piece you take home is one you will love and is of the highest quality.

farmhouse-chic Lori Young Vintage Charm Restored Custom Painted Furniture Phoenix AZ


I couldn’t do any of what I do without my husband.   A wonderful father and best friend indeed.  He has been a constant source of encouragement and support in every little adventure I take.  He’s certainly my rock and the muscles behind this great little business I have!!


Why Vintage Charm Restored??

My love of all things old, full of life and stories yet to be told.  Full of character and charm waiting to be made new again.. to be adored and loved again!! That’s charmed!!
Restored made literal sense because that’s what I do to furniture. Yet it is so much more, because of my faith. And God has absolutely Restored a lot of pain in my life and is using it for good!! 
In striving to be that Proverbs 31 wife and mother. I said what seemed to be a simple prayer one night.  Lord please help me use this passion I hold, these gifts that you have given me in abundance to serve others and let it not be a financial burden- but a blessing to my family.  Not just financially, but allowing my children seeing me model the use of what you have given.~ This prayer turned this girl’s passion into more than I could have ever guessed or requested in my wildest dreams- {our family verse Eph 3:20} 1 Peter 4:10 Each of you should use whatever gifts you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.
Restored- Lamentations 5:21 “Restore us to yourself, Lord, that we may return; renew our days of old”
 Lori Young Vintage Charm Restored Custom Painted Furniture Phoenix AZ