Bringing new life & love to your old pieces.

Hand Painted Princess Furniture


It started out completely white and made for princess... It was of course the Disney Line of Furniture.  But as you'll see I think it's much more fit for a princess now!! I shared almost the whole process on Instagram... it was fun to have so many following along on how it progressed.  Be sure you are following along there I love sharing the … {Continue reading…}

Painted Dining Room Furniture

Painted Dining Room Furniture by Vintage Charm Restored

Sharing with you today a great painted dining room furniture makeover.  My client had received her grandmothers dining set... Once used by her brother and now was the steward of this great set herself.  She had sent over a pinterest board with wonderful ideas on what she liked!! I always love being able to use that as a great tool for a starting … {Continue reading…}

Five years ago today our Adoption Story Continues…

adoption down syndrome

Such an influx of feelings today.  A day of happy celebrations and a day a little sad.  I woke up so ready to sing happy birthday to my babies!! And realized one is gone.  Although he came home from college this weekend and I watched him drive away... there's that empty place that I don't get to kiss him and tell him Happy Birthday!! But that … {Continue reading…}

American Paint Company Freedom Road

Painted Boys Dresser with Harlequin Stencil- VintageCharmRestored

My son was 7 when we bought this dresser.  And over the last 11 years he's used this dresser to it's max.  It was a great dresser but it's pulls were breaking and a glide or two needed repaired.  I decided to give him a taller dresser with more room and give this one a makeover!! I loved the details on this dresser.  The sides had fun lines … {Continue reading…}

My version of the Pottery Barn Family Locker Entryway Unit

Family Locker Entryway by Vintage Charm Restored

I struggle writing this post only because I am not quite sure what to call this thing we built... It's a hall tree sort of.  It has a really unique kind of locker feel to it.  It's definitely for the entry or possibly the mudroom.  It's made from almost all reclaimed pieces.  Totally repurposing the original intent for all of the materials used.  … {Continue reading…}

How to Use TFC Table Wax


Friends I am excited to today to share with you a new product to me... It's from the The Furniture Connoisseur and it's simply called Table Wax. I am in LOVE!! I have shared with you many tips on waxing your furniture in this post. And I want to talk today more about this new product and debunk some of the myths about durability and … {Continue reading…}

Nursery set in Behr Cloud Pink


It all started through emails.  Lately, I am being contacted by so many grandmothers who are anxious to turn their family pieces into new nursery sets for their daughters.  I am loving it!! This story is sure to be one of my favorites. Just look... The mother contacted me and told me her daughter was pregnant and she wanted to take her … {Continue reading…}

A year later…


Good Morning Sunday... this post has been on my heart for a few days. And I was in bed and decided to get up and share... I don't typically share on Sundays but it just seemed fitting. Today's post is very personal. Many days leading up to this post.  Many days of hard, I'm not sure how I will make it days leading up to this post.  But … {Continue reading…}