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ASCP Florence Furniture Set Makeover


This furniture has lots of history. Oh to step back in time and watch the life it got to live.  Today I am sharing an ASCP Florence Furniture Set Makeover.     We decided on a color combination that I absolutely adore for sweet little girls room... ASCP Florence and Arles with some Vintage Linen from DIY Paint line.  We … {Continue reading…}

Interrupted & We are Moving

all about family

Sometime close to this time last year, we set out to move.  Moving for our sweet Mia.  Looking for a smaller school district to better serve her.  I did lots of research and calling lots of principals directly.  I found a couple of districts that were just so excited to welcome us in.  I concentrated my efforts on those two areas. And so began … {Continue reading…}

Painted China Hutch.


After sharing this hutch yesterday... I am back today,  sharing another beautifully painted china hutch. This fun and sweet couple bought their first piece of furniture off of craigslist.  And we gave it a makeover. It's a Thomasville Hutch stunning and beautiful... just needed a new home and a new look.  I have done many hutches you can find … {Continue reading…}

ASCP Old Ochre Painted Dining Set


Keeping furniture in your family is such a wonderful way to not only preserve old memories but save money!! Painting this set was a great way to keep and Love this furniture all over again.  Her grandmother still lives with her and the wonderful stories she had to share warmed my heart.  I truly feel blessed to be able to paint for a living.  I … {Continue reading…}

Hard Work and Tears…


So looking back... it's been since October since I last posted. What?? Yes. What an end to the year we have had.. and really quite the beginning to the New Year. But I am back!! Life is crazy friends... It seems every winter we always get bronchitis and the dreaded pneumonia but we added the flu in with it... it cycled once and made it's round … {Continue reading…}

Hand Painted Princess Furniture


It started out completely white and made for princess... It was of course the Disney Line of Furniture.  But as you'll see I think it's much more fit for a princess now!! I shared almost the whole process on Instagram... it was fun to have so many following along on how it progressed.  Be sure you are following along there I love sharing the … {Continue reading…}

Painted Dining Room Furniture

Painted Dining Room Furniture by Vintage Charm Restored

Sharing with you today a great painted dining room furniture makeover.  My client had received her grandmothers dining set... Once used by her brother and now was the steward of this great set herself.  She had sent over a pinterest board with wonderful ideas on what she liked!! I always love being able to use that as a great tool for a starting … {Continue reading…}

Five years ago today our Adoption Story Continues…

adoption down syndrome

Such an influx of feelings today.  A day of happy celebrations and a day a little sad.  I woke up so ready to sing happy birthday to my babies!! And realized one is gone.  Although he came home from college this weekend and I watched him drive away... there's that empty place that I don't get to kiss him and tell him Happy Birthday!! But that … {Continue reading…}