Bringing new life & love to your old pieces.


Are you in the local DFW area? With years of painting for clients, retailing paints, and teaching others how to paint like professionals; I can offer a unique and fun experience for your girl’s night out, team meeting, or morale events.
Classes and furniture painting services:
Barn Party
There is a full kitchen and lots of room to create!! Whether you are looking to have a Pinterest Party, Scrapbooking or Papercrafting Party, or even a Painting Parties.  We have the space for you!! Options are endless.  Contact me to find out more details and pricing.
Bring your own piece
I will provide all the paint and supplies needed to learn how to create your beautiful new look!! Contact me to find out more details and pricing.
Private Painting Classes & Painting Parties
I have used almost every product out there in a professional manner.  I have years of knowledge on how these products work , what can be used together, and what type of products should be used on certain projects.  Let me show you how to turn your tired old furniture into a beautiful statement piece. Contact me to find out more details and pricing.
Consulting Services
Have a piece giving you a hard time and it is more than an email can fix.  I am happy to visit by phone to help you through your project.
Are you looking to turn your hobby into your business? I have had the pleasure to do what I love as a business for the last 5 years and can help you grow your passion into a contributing financial blessing.
We can set up a series of meetings via phone or in person to help you grow.  I have had the pleasure of helping several ladies turn their love of painting into a business. {Need not to be local.}
Contact me to find out more details and pricing.
If you have other ideas that you would like to discuss I am happy to help.