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When We Know…

Yesterday was quite simply just amazing. Seeing prayers answered in ways I hadn't in my little simple mind, been able to imagine. But Yesterday, it all came together multiple ways, multiple times. Like a big knock in the head from God himself- "Hello Girly, It's really Me." I laugh when I think of all the things I 'know" with … {Continue reading…}

Things Look Different Than I Planned…

I remember agencies closing and praying to find the right one.  I remember having a room all set up even though the wait could be two or more years. I remember having to take pictures to send with our dossier.  I remember walking past that room and gazing.  I remember every painful step that led to us having to stop and change directions.  I can … {Continue reading…}

Farmhouse Fireplace Makeover

This week it is all about fun and easy projects.  Letting small projects have a big impact in the big picture.  So yesterday, I shared a smart solution to hiding unsightly plumbing. Today I am sharing our Farmhouse Fireplace Makeover. I want to start by letting you know that our house has 4 fireplaces.  The original house had 4.  The four we … {Continue reading…}

Farmhouse Pedestal Sink

Good Morning Sweet Friends.  This week I want to share little short and easy projects.  The one's that are on your list but you are so busy wanting to do the big ones that make the most impact the little ones seem too insignificant or just boring... Is that you?? or is it just me?? I think it's funny how my list always grows.  I see … {Continue reading…}

Giving up Perfect for His Grace is Sufficient

I remember when I heard her say "Perfect" and stopping dead in my tracks.  When you have a child that has speech delays, you celebrate every word!! But I wasn't stopping to celebrate. I thought instantly to myself, she's heard that too many times. And she's absolutely Perfect, make no mistake!! Ask my 17 year old her weaknesses, she'll … {Continue reading…}

Down Syndrome Story Continues: Kindergarten & Speech Delays

I am not sure how we got to October so fast.  But it's here.  It's everyone's time of year to "Pink Out" and raise awareness for Breast Cancer!! And where I support that wonderful cause... I also stand in Blue and Yellow for Down Syndrome Awareness.  I have that cute little girl that holds that cute little extra chromosome and is totally … {Continue reading…}

HomeRight Spray Shelter

I love the way the brush feels in my hand.  I have such a love for hand painting out all my furniture.  I have it down so there are no brush strokes and it's just time that I get to think, reflect, and have to myself.  So I have never really gotten into the spraying thing.  Other reasons, I hate the clean up. I have no patience for the clean up.  I … {Continue reading…}

Antique Hand Painted Bed

This is just a fun little post on an antique hand painted bed... It all started when my dad's wife gave me this wonderful bed for our barn guest bedroom!! She's a beauty and you can't even see her all the way... It's a big king size bed and it's glorious!!  She was trying to make more room and have a change in her own guest … {Continue reading…}