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World Down Syndrome Day 2016

My Love and Life.... This sweet beautiful girl... She so much like every other typical 6 year old.  She has pretty almond eyes full of wander and curiosity.  She is a friend and a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece, a kindergarten, a sister, and she has down syndrome.  But she is anything but "downs"... She is happy, but not because of her extra … [Read more...]

Down Syndrome Story Continues: Kindergarten & Speech Delays

I am not sure how we got to October so fast.  But it's here.  It's everyone's time of year to "Pink Out" and raise awareness for Breast Cancer!! And where I support that wonderful cause... I also stand in Blue and Yellow for Down Syndrome Awareness.  I have that cute little girl that holds that cute little extra chromosome and is totally … [Read more...]

Five years ago today our Adoption Story Continues…

adoption down syndrome

Such an influx of feelings today.  A day of happy celebrations and a day a little sad.  I woke up so ready to sing happy birthday to my babies!! And realized one is gone.  Although he came home from college this weekend and I watched him drive away... there's that empty place that I don't get to kiss him and tell him Happy Birthday!! But that … [Read more...]

World Down Syndrome Day 2014

Today is World Down Syndrome Day 2014 I want to continue sharing our story of what down syndrome is to us.  Joy uncontained, a precious life worth living. Today the third month and the twenty first day.... March 21st .... 3:21 What's the significance?  It's a cool thing that explains Down Syndrome. Down syndrome occurs when an individual … [Read more...]

Happy World Down Syndrome Day 2013!!

Today we Celebrate this wonderful Life we have been blessed with living.  We stand with so many more families that have loved ones that have a label- "downs kids" " down syndrome".... I want to take a moment to help tell you it's so much more than a diagnosis.  This little girl is more like your little girl than you will ever know.  Being blessed … [Read more...]

Our Story of Down Syndrome {Continues}

I have the most fun looking back over all the pictures and seeing how much this little girl {and my other children} have changed.  I get to relive every moment and it makes my heart full!! Today is my attempt to raise awareness leading us up to World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st.  And also to help Spread the Word to End the R Word movement … [Read more...]

Best Gift Given & Received

Best Gift Given & Received

Our Best Gift Given and Received Our trip to Seattle this year. Today has been one of those days you truly love a little harder and hug a little tighter. Watching the media over these past few days has been heart wrenching.  No parent should have to be making plans to lay their child to rest ever, but especially during a time when a child's joy … [Read more...]

Our Story of Down Syndrome…

A look back on Miss Mia at One!! Oh what a happy time it was!!   Before I get into continuing the story of Mia.  I want to say I can't thank you enough for allowing me to share this with you.  This weekend I was up in Tulsa at the vintage market days I've been sharing with you.  I sold some paint and an end table to this wonderful lady … [Read more...]

Our Adoption Story ~ A True Labor of Love

Today was Orphan Sunday at church.  Our Mia is 3 already, and as I sat there listening this morning to the sermon, I felt led to share tonight more of the background of our story... I know many are trying to decide what the next step is, many are in the process, and many are waiting... As we all know- not everything is easy, not … [Read more...]

Our Story of Adoption & Down Syndrome {Continues}

I am so thankful for the emails and comments that I received after sharing a little of our story. I can't tell you the joy this look back brings me... Finding the photos and reliving the memories is so much fun!! Our first few weeks/months were spent adjusting to the whole idea of a baby in the house!!  Amazing how you forget how much … [Read more...]