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When We Know…

Yesterday was quite simply just amazing. Seeing prayers answered in ways I hadn't in my little simple mind, been able to imagine. But Yesterday, it all came together multiple ways, multiple times. Like a big knock in the head from God himself- "Hello Girly, It's really Me." I laugh when I think of all the things I 'know" with … [Read more...]

Things Look Different Than I Planned…

I remember agencies closing and praying to find the right one.  I remember having a room all set up even though the wait could be two or more years. I remember having to take pictures to send with our dossier.  I remember walking past that room and gazing.  I remember every painful step that led to us having to stop and change directions.  I can … [Read more...]

Down Syndrome Story Continues: Kindergarten & Speech Delays

I am not sure how we got to October so fast.  But it's here.  It's everyone's time of year to "Pink Out" and raise awareness for Breast Cancer!! And where I support that wonderful cause... I also stand in Blue and Yellow for Down Syndrome Awareness.  I have that cute little girl that holds that cute little extra chromosome and is totally … [Read more...]

Interrupted & We are Moving

Sometime close to this time last year, we set out to move.  Moving for our sweet Mia.  Looking for a smaller school district to better serve her.  I did lots of research and calling lots of principals directly.  I found a couple of districts that were just so excited to welcome us in.  I concentrated my efforts on those two areas. And so began … [Read more...]

Hard Work and Tears…

So looking back... it's been since October since I last posted. What?? Yes. What an end to the year we have had.. and really quite the beginning to the New Year. But I am back!! Life is crazy friends... It seems every winter we always get bronchitis and the dreaded pneumonia but we added the flu in with it... it cycled once and made it's round … [Read more...]

A year later…

Good Morning Sunday... this post has been on my heart for a few days. And I was in bed and decided to get up and share... I don't typically share on Sundays but it just seemed fitting. Today's post is very personal. Many days leading up to this post.  Many days of hard, I'm not sure how I will make it days leading up to this post.  But … [Read more...]

Living What You Do and Say

I had a client drop of her bed to me this last Friday and I had to apologize as I was about to lead her into the house to show a couple of finishes on pieces of my own... I will remind you I was sick and we all had been sick and just gotten home from a week of camping so the house... well it was a wreck.. I mean really. But sometimes the … [Read more...]

Card Table Re-created!!

Our family loves to play games!! Currently we are on a Monopoly Deal craze... It's a fun card game version of the traditional takes too long to play version... We also love to camp!! And this is where my little need to recreate a place we can sit and play while we camp comes in!! I hate tablecloths while we are camping.  They blow around and never … [Read more...]

Austin Getaway

My husband and I celebrated 10 years this month and we made a little getaway down to Austin.  It's been a couple of weeks and I can't believe I am just now sharing the wonderful pictures... But I finished the pieces I was working on and started getting ready for our trip next week and thought I'd share a little picture tour. I realized a … [Read more...]