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Painted China Hutch.

After sharing this hutch yesterday… I am back today,  sharing another beautifully painted china hutch.

This fun and sweet couple bought their first piece of furniture off of craigslist.  And we gave it a makeover.

It’s a Thomasville Hutch stunning and beautiful… just needed a new home and a new look.  I have done many hutches you can find them here, here, and here… likely more if you want to poke around some.

It’s always best to prep ahead than clean up your mess later… And just like with mirrors, I use cards to poke in the hiding spaces so you can get good protection for your glass.



Now with this piece there was no distressing- and that is often harder than the distressing.  Distressing can hide a multitude of sins.

The piece is painted out in Beautiful Sherwin William’s Anew Gray with accents in Snowbound {white} using Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder.





In many of these hutches the back is a mirror.. this requires you to truly pay attention to every detail that you typically don’t thing anyone will see- because you see everything.  The back side of the doors, the back side of the front- it all has to be perfectly painted or your mirror will tell on you.














Thank you for stopping in!!



  1. Beautiful! What type of paint did you use on the hardware?

  2. Ruthann Cherry says:

    This is stunning! I could so see something like that it my dining room.

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