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Crafting again and it’s sooo much fun!!!

I found the cutest cupcake liner wreath over at Tatertots and Jello blog and it inspired me to use the cute little halloween liners I picked up at Walmart!! It is such a fun and easy project and super cute!! I hope you will enjoy!!

It’s an 8″ foam floral wreath from the Dollar Tree and I am always picking up pretty ribbon at Hobby Lobby when it’s half off… So this is a really pretty wired ribbon that I completely wrapped the wreath with….

Then I worked in sections because as she stated in her blog… you really do have to let the hot glue cool completely or it reactivates and the liners will fall off. I folded the liners into a flower shape and adhered with hot glue….

Going back in and filling in once areas are cooled… until you have full wreath.

It’s now hanging on the back of my door so guests can see it as they leave… Completes the entry!!

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